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My research is grounded in challenging current conceptions of 'literacy' and 'schooling' that oversimplify the complex processes of meaning-making and subsequently marginalize youth and their learning potential.
Ultimately, I see literacy as a social justice issue, and I see social justice as inherent to humanity and the pressing need for change.



Reimagining Schooled Literacies

Tapping into the Feeling Power: Considering the Affordances of the Affective Nature of multimodal literacies. Coming January 2020. Language Arts education journal, special issue: Multimodal Literacies


The Day You Begin: Using children’s lived experiences as a tool for cultivating critical consciousness. Coming November 2019. Multicultural literature in the Content Areas. Scott, L. & Purdum-Cassidy, B., (Eds.), Rowan & Littlefield.

(Re)Imagining possibilities for youth in schools: A rhizomatic exploration of youth's engagements with literacy. 2018. (Unpublished doctoral dissertation). Columbia University, New York, NY.

A book review of Adolescents’ New Literacies with and Through Mobile Phones by Julie Warner. 2017. Teachers College Record, ID Number: 22363.


Implementation of an after-school literacy and physical education program for urban youth: Challenges and lessons learned. 2019. Co-authored with R. Marttinen, R. Fredrick, S. Phillips, & D. Patterson. European Physical Education Review. DOI: 10.1177/1356336X19865566

REACH Harlem: Young urban boys’ experiences in an after-school physical activity positive youth development program. 2019. Co-authored with R. Marttinen, S. Phillips, R. Fredrick, and B. Meza. Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, 24(4), 373-389. DOI: 10.1080/17408989.2019.1592147

Girls’ experiences in a positive youth development sport program: Developing a participant-centered space. Co-authored with R. Marttinen, R. Fredrick, and V. Bhat. Journal of Youth Development. 14(1), 93-111. DOI: 10.5195/jyd.2019.729

Johnston, K.(Invited Guest) & Marttinen, R (Producer). (2019, June). Girls’ experiences in a 

PYD Sport Program: Co-creating a participant-centered space [Podcast]. Retrieved from


Noticing Literacies in the Everyday

First Opinion: Fostering thinking and imagination through science, math, and the human experience. 2019. First Opinions, Second Reactions 12(1), 16-18.

The productive—and necessary—expansion of literacy over the past 100 years: What this means and why it matters. 2019. Centennial Faculty Guest Blog. 

Rootedness research: Local possibility amid a cosmopolitan network. 2018. co-authored with Christopher Ongaro.The William and Mary Educational Review. 5(1), 52-68.




Curriculum Inquiry and Analysis

Contemporary Curriculum 

Curriculum Development

Social Issues in Education

Master's Action Research 

Methods and Materials for Reading Instruction

Alternative Approaches to Teaching Reading

Seminar: Literacies in Diverse Learning Contexts





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